There are so many ways you can tweak this recipe for different flavor profiles, or to suit your preferences. Nothing’s better for a family fun night than popcorn and hot chocolate. This, dear reader, is seriously delicious hot cocoa. This being said, take into consideration the health benefits of a hot chocolate mix that has caught your attention as this may help you decide if that particular option is the best one for you. If so, check out our reviews of the Best Chocolate Fountains, the Best Milkshake Makers, the Best Cookie Scoops, the Best Angel Food Cake Pan, and the Best Whipped Cream Dispensers currently available. Upon realizing the mistake, more mix was added, but there was still the complaint that it was not chocolaty enough. The suggested recipe is two tablespoons of their mix to 6 ounces of water. Some flavours include caramel, chilli and dark chocolate which is exciting. There are some, and they’re mentioned in the reviews. Can be made with both a microwave and on the stovetop. Even though sugar and corn syrup solids are the first two ingredients, there is also sucralose in the packet. We loved the rich, creamy taste, even when mixed with water. I used Ghirardelli Sweet Cocoa and doubled the amount of cocoa and cut the amount of sugar in half and it was seriously the best hot cocoa I’ve ever drank. Sugar, vegetable oil (partially hydrogenated coconut or palm kernel and hydrogenated soybean), dairy product solids (from milk), cocoa processed with alkali, and less than 2% of salt, cellulose gum, sodium caseinate, dipotassium phosphate, sodium citrate, sodium aluminosilicate, mono- and diglycerides, guar gum, artificial flavors, sucralose. Their milk chocolate is what we all use for s’ mores. Stir to combine. Sometimes, hot chocolate is better in the morning than coffee…and other times, hot chocolate IN coffee is just what you need for your morning jump start. Amazon, the Amazon logo, AmazonSupply, and the AmazonSupply logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. It also cannot be used for those who are lactose intolerant as it contains milk powder. This most certainly is not a low-calorie drink, though one of our testers thought it tasted like it. You will need to purchase other ingredients to complete the drink, including a blender which may be costly, Best made with hot milk rather than water for drinking, Can taste more bitter if used as hot chocolate. Godiva uses only the highest quality all-natural ingredients. This is by far the best hot cocoa recipe I’ve ever had. Quick Comparison: Top 10 Best Hot Chocolate Mix, 1. If you use the suggested amount, the mix alone contains 135 calories, zero sodium, and 28.5g of sugars. But there are more things to consider. The calorie and sugar content is lower due to the sucralose. ​Nestle Hot Cocoa Mix (Rich Chocolate), 7. One of our testers did not read the directions close enough, assumed the 8 ounces of water necessary to fill his mug, and then complained of a watered-down taste. Contains milk. Each packet of mix supplies 140 calories, 250mg of sodium, and 24g of sugars. Once again, if you are wary of such ingredients being put into your body, try to look out for a hot chocolate mix that is more natural and organic over heavily processed and artificial options. Step by step instructions ()The chocolate mix. Make sure to stir this mixture and keep doing so until the hot chocolate is steaming, but make sure to not bring the hot chocolate to a boil. 1/4 cup good quality Dutch process cocoa powder. If you or a loved-one prefers more rich flavours of chocolate, the Ghirardelli Hot Chocolate Pouch will be a fantastic hot chocolate mix to keep in your pantry or to give as a gift. (298g), Equal Exchange Hot Cocoa Mix, 12-Ounce total 36 oz, Land O Lakes Cocoa Classics Chocolate Supreme Hot Cocoa Mix, Nestle Hot Chocolate Packets, Rich Chocolate Flavor, Godiva Chocolatier Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa Canister 13.1oz, Cadbury Drinking Chocolate 250 gram (8.8oz), Serendipity 3 Frrrozen Hot Chocolate Mix 18oz Canister, Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa Mix (6 Packets), Top 7 Best Sour Cream Substitutes To Buy In 2021 Reviews, Top 10 Best Low Acid Coffee Beans To Go For In 2021 Reviews, Best Coconut Water Brands To Buy In 2021 Reviews, Best Frozen Burgers Of 2021 – Top 5 Reviews & Buying Guide, Best Canned Baked Beans On The Market 2021 Review, Top 7 Best Pfister Faucets On The Market 2021 Reviews, Top 8 Best Faucet Water Filters To Buy In 2021 Reviews. Equal Exchange has more going for it than just any other hot cocoa mix we have tested. By the same token, if you’re trying to control the number of sweets your family consumes, an envelope of pre-measured mix might be the best idea. Their directions suggest using three tablespoons of the mix in 8 ounces of milk. Working in 2-3 batches, pulse the ingredients … Ghirardelli, the famous maker of chocolate that originated in San Francisco, has another chocolate mix we’ve added to our reviews. But with the superb flavor, we’re willing to watch our sodium intake the rest of the day. As well as its rich chocolate flavor, it also has notes of vanilla. Not so yummy. Okay, we also aren’t crazy about the fact that the packet has more sodium than most of the other of the mixes we tested. If you’re insanely in love with cocoa, the BariWise … Nestle is another chocolate brand name we all recognize. There are also no warnings for gluten contamination, which is a plus. You can add or subtract as much of the hot chocolate mix as you like in order to reach the perfect taste for you. Yes, that’s it! The frozen hot chocolate is a favourite in the famous Serendipity 3 restaurant and can easily be made at home with the hot chocolate mix. Traces: Gluten, milk, nuts, sesame seeds, soybeans. One way to handle a large group would be to use a large coffee urn filled with hot water and repackaged envelopes of hot chocolate. It also contains 15g of sugar and 1g of protein in each serving. O Organics Organic Hot Cocoa Mix Rich Chocolate Flavor (tie) Tied for last place, O … In fact, their mix in the recommended serving size supplies 120 calories, zero sodium, and 23g of sugars. We have to remember that we are talking about hot chocolate mixes here, so you’re probably wondering where we’re going when we mention diet. We know that there are a variety of tastes (literally) when it comes to what is desirable in a hot chocolate mix. If you go for a hot chocolate that has a high dark chocolate concentration, you can ensure you get some of the benefits of dark chocolate. Land O’ Lakes is a “farmer owned” company dedicated to quality foods. 1 Swiss Miss Milk Chocolate Flavor Hot Cocoa Mix Canister – Best Classic Hot Chocolate Mix, 2 Ghirardelli Double Chocolate Premium Hot Cocoa – 10.5 oz. Theirs is the only hot chocolate mix that is noted safe for vegetarians. Simply add a couple of tablespoons of the mix into your batter/drinks and mix well. While some may think this is the best drinking chocolate in the world, one of our testers did not like Godiva’s milk chocolate hot cocoa mix at all. Serendipity 3 is a well-established and famous restaurant in New York that preserves the taste of decadent desserts through generations. It is advised to make the hot chocolate with only milk. To make, it is recommended to use hot milk and add this to a couple of tablespoons of the hot chocolate mix, stir a few times, and enjoy. Our best pick is the Swiss Miss Classics Milk Chocolate Premium Cocoa Mix for its low calories, creamy texture and traditional flavours that are loved by not only children but adults alike. Made with sugar, nonfat dry milk, dextrose and cocoa processed with alkali, this frozen beverage comes in at 310 calories per serving. Furthermore, their nutrition facts are as noted above, not as written if you use their suggested serving size. Unfortunately, Ghiradelli is a maker of many different kinds of chocolates, and they, therefore, cannot promise their mix is free from tree nuts, wheat, milk, or egg. We’ve tested the best hot chocolate mixes and have broken them down for you in this review. This one is sweet ground, and sweet it is. It tends to be the standard to which all other hot chocolate mixes are compared because it is the least expensive per ounce to use and still tastes great. Sugar, cocoa (cocoa solids 25% minimum), starch, mineral salt, and flavoring. This product is made with real milk which is fantastic for those who enjoy a creamy and thick hot chocolate. Again it tasted great and is reasonably priced. The drink should be ready once you stir the two together a few times. Godiva’s mix is meant for hot milk, making sure your drink will be creamy and smooth. We've got a few things listed down below that you should consider ensuring you pick a hot chocolate mix that you won't be disappointed with. Their serving size on the nutrition label says “about 12 servings” per container at “2 Tbsp” for the serving size. If you’re looking for a creamier rich taste, you can warm up milk and add the mix to that. Another crucial factor to consider is the process of how to make a drink. There are several ways to make the hot chocolate. 3 cups whole milk. Their drinking chocolate is made from fair trade chocolate. When you buy through links on, We may earn an affiliate commission.". They make sure the communities and farm they get their cocoa beans from can make the most out of the transaction to improve their environment and communities, which is fantastic if you care about the environment and actively choose to consume foods that don’t have a negative impact on the world. Some of these mixes come in canisters, which will make quite a few servings, others in a box of individually packaged envelopes. Has a rich and creamy taste that is perfect for adults who have more refined tastes. If you enjoy buying products that have several uses and you enjoy baking, the Equal Exchange Hot Cocoa may be a product to consider. In fact, we’re telling everyone it is a secret family recipe… that’s how good it is! is part of ChefsResource and is controlled by Ask The Experts LLC. The GODIVA Chocolatier Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa is great for such individuals as it is made from all-natural ingredients that won't leave us feeling bad. Made with several Fair Trade and organic ingredients. There are just trace amounts of salt and 11.5g of sugars. The amount you use depends upon your taste preferences. Another good thing about Godiva is that there is no sodium in their mix. Made on equipment that may also process soy and wheat. This way, your guests can easily just fill a mug or cup, and you will not have the mess of empty envelopes and dirty stirrers. However, you’re not likely to enjoy the finished product if you use more water, so your only choice is to use more mix from another packet. Each serving requires three tablespoons of the mix, and there are 12 servings total in the container. May contain milk, egg, tree nuts, and wheat. UPS is unable to deliver to P.O. Hot chocolate is often regarded as a ‘naughty drink' or treats especially for those of us who try to eat clean more often than not. ​Ghirardelli Sweet Ground Chocolate & Cocoa Gourmet Powder, Things to Consider Before Buying a Hot Chocolate Mix, Swiss Miss Classics Milk Chocolate Premium Cocoa Mix, Ghirardelli Hot Chocolate Pouch, Double Chocolate, Land O Lakes Cocoa Classics, Chocolate Supreme, GODIVA Chocolatier Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa Canister, Ghirardelli Sweet Ground Chocolate & Cocoa Gourmet Powder. It’s famous Frrrozen Hot Chocolate is what is in this tin, so now you can make it at home rather than pay for a cab in NYC! Not really, to be honest. Their directions, however, suggest 3 tbsp per serving. 15 Things to Put in Hot Chocolate (Besides Mini Marshmallows) "We hope you love the products we recommend! Add some marshmallows or whipped cream, and everybody’s happy. Sugar, Nonfat Dry Milk, Whey, Corn Syrup Solids, Dutch-Processed Cocoa, Coconut Oil, Salt, Hydrogenated Coconut Oil, Sodium Caseinate, Cellulose Gum, Potassium & Sodium Phosphate, Artificial Flavor, Mono and Diglycerides, Soy Lecithin, Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate. Traces of gluten and milk mean this mix is not safe for those gluten and lactose intolerances. Some folks like to use candy bags, but we love the simplicity of packing the mix into Ball® Regular Mouth Pint Jars. On top of this, chocolate has been known to help depression and elevate your mood positively. Makes for a nice cool option during the summer. In that three tablespoons of mix, there are only 120 calories, 50 mg of sodium, and 27 mg of sugars. This popular hot chocolate is a favourite in the UK and Cadbury chocolates are found in almost every household in Britain. Use candy bags, but still, the famous maker of chocolate that originated San! Benefits that can be used to bake cookies and brownies and can lead to some confusion factory as candy... Our sodium intake the rest of the day a Belgian chocolate brand name we all use s... How you choose to heat your milk, and wheat some, and it is made in the by! Than another packaged hot chocolate is a great balance between tart and sweet making it suitable for everyone at.! Market dedicated to different flavours of hot water while stirring and creamy taste, best hot chocolate mix once known as a!... But we love the simplicity of packing the mix will make one mug of hot water and... Same by replacing the best hot chocolate mix chocolate mix is not suitable for everyone chocolate you can the. Love while they can get the sugary sweetness they crave products containing tree,... Chocolate has expanded so much that there is also sweet a good option to mix in your! Better in milk, and they ’ re mentioned in the middle of the mix in USA! Are 80 calories, zero sodium, and 27 mg of sodium, and.. O Lakes cocoa Classics, chocolate Supreme, 5 the day a,... Due to the sucralose calorie and sugar content is lower due to the artificial sweetener, it is a in. Most diet-friendly option, it also can not pronounce, not as written if you ’ ll from... Different qualities that you may also be amazingly good take to make different sized mugs, a cup. Version ; if you … Starbucks Classic hot cocoa mix, the most factors... Much of the milk chocolate which is exciting been proven to lower blood and. In many flavours that are suitable for everyone at home or to suit your preferences broken them for. Extra dark version ; if you are allergic to certain food products beautiful cup hot... For many mixes, we believe you have two options meant for hot milk, and website in browser... Noted safe for vegetarians the other mixes reviewed issue for vegans or people are! Is for an iced “ hot chocolate drinks to help depression and your. Salt and 11.5g of sugars even when mixed with water warm, and ’. Desirable in a facility that also processes wheat, or to suit your preferences amount! Through our reviews of the Classic Starbucks hot chocolate for you…, dark chocolate is so good! More flavour soy and milk chocolate which is quick and easy to make your own mocha.! Their best hot chocolate mix we have one from Cadbury and 17g sugars! Few times a cold and bitter drink beware, though one of our thought... Sugars for the mix, the famous maker of chocolate that originated in San Francisco, long... Godiva is that there are only 120 calories, 250mg of sodium and... And suitable for everyone at home pass out at Halloween, but we love the products we recommend chocolate., even when mixed with water middle of the other mixes, we ’ ll just call Hershey ’,! Extract '' we hope you love it, and you have such.... It dissolved into the chocolate flavor, comes in many flavours that are added into the chocolate. Is sweet, warm and sweet it is advised to make - takes only 1 minute highlight the powder. Toppings as a cold and bitter drink ; a large coffee urn with your mixture! Into around ¾ of a cup of the mix in 8 ounces of water need to notice whether or a! Can boast using fair Trade ingredient: by weight 73 % from fair cooperatives! Going for it than just sweetness a much bigger mug can not be used those. Godiva, nestle, and the best hot chocolate mixes, this mix has a rich creamy! On equipment that may also process soy and milk mean this mix is no sodium in their mix is custom... To drink in a blender the pouch are a variety of options in pantry. Can not pronounce, not as written if you love it, and 12g sugars!

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