Example: Psalm 95:6 -- "O come let us worship and bow down; let us kneel (BARAK) before the Lord our maker." The name Barak is in the following categories: Biblical Names, Celebrity Names, Hebrew Names, Jewish Names. According to the Old Testament , Barak was a military commander under the guidance of the prophetess Deborah . Normally, people with the name Barak are very active. Instead, it usually means “to bless” someone. Find more Filipino words at wordhippo.com! For a meaning of the name Barak, both NOBSE Study Bible Name List and Jones' Dictionary of Old Testament Proper Names read Lightning.Jones adds Thunderbolt.. Definition: Barak means, "to kneel down, to bless God as an act of adoration." King James Version (KJV)-18 Little children, it is the last time: and as ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists; whereby we know that it is the last time. The literal meaning of this word is to kneel. As a Hebrew name , from the root B-R-Q ( Hebrew : ב-ר-ק ‎; Arabic : ب-ر-ق ‎), it means " lightning " and it appears in the Hebrew Bible as the name of an Ancient Israelite general Barak ( ברק Bārāq ). You must be looking up the meaning of Barack Hussein Obama's names. At the end of it, in 1995, he held the ultimate rank of lieutenant general. The prime minister of Israel from 1999 to 2001 named himself Ehud Barak at the start of his career as a soldier in 1959. Name Barak Categories. Jupiter is the Ruling Planet for the name Barak. Obama is not Greek or Hebrew. Barrack definition, a building or group of buildings for lodging soldiers, especially in garrison. Obama is an African name. Such people … His names Barack and Hussein are Arabic. The name Barak having moon sign as Saggitarius is represented by The Archer and considered as Mutable . Strong's Number H1288 matches the Hebrew בָּרַךְ (barak), which occurs 330 times in 289 verses in the Hebrew concordance of the KJV Page 1 / 6 (Gen 1:22–Gen 32:26) English words for barak include wan, pallor, unnatural paleness, barracks, pallid and pale. Barak (/ ˈ b ɛər æ k / or / ˈ b ɛər ə k /; Hebrew: בָּרָק ‎, Tiberian Hebrew: Bārāq, Arabic: البُراق ‎ al-Burāq "lightning") was a ruler of Ancient Israel.As military commander in the biblical Book of Judges, Barak, with Deborah, from the Tribe of Ephraim, the prophet and fourth Judge of pre-monarchic Israel, defeated the Canaanite armies led by Sisera When used in the scripture it implies, "expecting to receive a blessing from the Lord." It is African. Barak occurs 330 times in the Old Testament. Baraq O bamah.... = Barack Obama The U.S President is the antichrist!-Of course John used the plural Anti-Christs.--1 John 2:18-27. The name Barak has Fire element. The idea is to give something of value to another. It is rarely used in this literal manner, however. Meaning & History Means "lightning" in Hebrew. Barak, also spelled Baraq, is a given name of Semitic origin. And he made the camels kneel down (barak) outside the city… Genesis 24:11. See more.

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