Use this form to search. No prior education is required. The AIARE 1 is a stand alone, introductory avalanche course, however we strongly recommend that you take our Backcountry 1.0 course prior to taking the avalanche course. Following AIARE’s curriculum the AIARE 2 course takes off where the AIARE 1 ends, adding to your avalanche hazard management toolbox with the introduction of critical hazard assessment factors. // Colorado Wilderness Rides and Guides is proud to present seven AIARE Level I courses, two AIARE Level II courses and five Companion Rescue courses. Whether you want to respect social distancing guidelines and stay out of the indoor classroom or just cannot get a Friday off from work, the Apex AIARE Level 1 FLEX course was designed for you. // ]]> The AIARE ITC equips experienced backcountry travelers who also have entry level training as an avalanche professional (a PRO 1 certificate) to teach the AIARE curriculum. COVID-19 course. How to operate buildings and safely use densely occupied spaces. AIARE providers must have permits, a comprehensive risk management plan, and must use only AIARE curriculum and qualified AIARE instructors. December 7 – 10, 2017, 3. Chamonix Experience is one of only two recognized AIARE course providers in Europe - watch our video below to find out what our course involves. How do you decide which one to take? Home › Online Courses › Europe Students who want to further their education after obtaining a bachelor’s degree may want to pursue a Master. Copyright © The AIARE Rec 2 Avalanche Course is new for the 2017-2018 season. There are currently 60 registered AIARE course providers and 200 instructors worldwide. Get the Advisory: Locating and interpreting an avalanche advisory. This is for the safety and enjoyment of everyone, and will allow students to focus on the material and techniques being presented, and not on their own skiing or riding. Enroll. Field locations include Stevens Pass, Mission Ridge, and Snoqualmie Pass with an online class preceding the course and a team orientation 2 nights in advance of the program. This 3-day course is offered at Snoqualmie Pass and Crystal Mountain. //

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