What a ride this episode. When their first child died, I think Eureka realized who Ao was and the fact that the scubs have traveled to Ao's timeline (the distant past of the planet that is parallel to the one in E7). The real question is how the Gekko got to the new Universe. As to the world that’s created by the use of the gun, it’s clearly not ours – but a lot has changed, including the political landscape. The English version aired on Cartoon Network from April 15, 2006 to April 28, 2007. Oh…. Ultimately what the Scub Coral believed was possible was impossible, and someone had to pay the price for that. And somehow “Pocket full of Rainbows” gets a free past? What we can see based on episode 23 is that “our” world does indeed exist, and appears to be running in a sort of parallel to the ones we’ve seen in the series. Sending eureka&renton back to their time, annihilating the secrets about to create a scub burst (on w/c eureka was suppose to do by transporting the quarts somewhere), then sending both him and truth (where?) Either way, Naru had just told Ao that he couldn’t keep up because his machine was fully mechanical, unlike her Nirvash. (In that hypothetical case, I think it would have easily contended against Fate/zero for best show of 2012 and maybe even overall, for me at least. what a total bullshit. Can I get a refund on my time? At the end Ao’s timeline (at the end when he jumps on the board Renton gave him) shouldn’t have trapar (or at least if it does it should be extremely low density trapar) because when he went to save Eureka in the past he shot the secrets and erased them, with no secrets in existence when the scub first came to earth they’d have no reason to jump into different dimensions/pasts. Presumably all the scub coral that left the original series is destroyed–somehow, by Ao’s quartz gun–yet Ao’s “original” world remains how it was, only without the scub coral. And now, to try and sort out my feelings about the ending. Part of the problem I think was the length. Naru and the universes Anti-bodies said about scub-coral being a parasite. What happens to Eureka and Renton? He did not mean his own universe, but the future of Ao's universe. I think Xam’d is one of my biggest anime disappointments. So he fired the cannon again(luckily he faced it upwards or else little naru would have been hit hehe). That’s biggest flaw with this series and I believe with many recent Bones series. The time in w/c he started his journey? However, while long-term inter-character relationships are a great way to support character development, they’re not truly necessary; I think the anime version of Kino no Tabi is a fantastic example of this. Isn’t that what the birds at the end stand for? If you got something positive out of it, I’m happy for you. to me, those are just plain excuses to justify a poor show. I’ve never expect that kind of ending and it’s refreshing. This truly was a different wrap-up than what I was anticipating, but needless to say I am curious as to whether an additional season will appear. Therefore the universe in the original E7 was never altered by the events in Ao. I’m seeing a lot of the show’s defenders seemingly attacking the ones who are disappointed, and this is something that needs to be addressed. Your email address will not be published. Because BONES has always known for sci fi that makes sense and has good pacing, right? Look at UN-GO, Gosick, Star Driver, Darker than Black S2, Xam’d. Like I’m assuming that Ao’s last shot with the quartz gun was supposed to have gone through the space/time portals the secrets had opened up and traveled through time to hit every scub that had appeared? This is when Renton sends Eureka to the past of this planet so she can give birth in the trapar-less environment, where scub burst happened 10 years later when Renton apparently failed to prevent the scub corals from the distant future to travel to the past. This was enjoyable series with a likable protagonist, great and interesting side characters who should of had more time being developed. imho the biggest mistake here was giving Renton, Holland’s VA :S. To be clear, this series was absolute crap. As what the author said, “Astral Ocean is one of my favorite series of 2012”, it was one of my favorites too. The series premiered in April 17, 2005 in Japan and ended April 2, 2006. Without scub bursts, humans have no provocation to attack the scubs themselves. While the franchise should have ended prior to AO, Eureka Seven also drags a touch due to lasting 50 episodes. It leaves a lot of work for a very busy finale, but it’s plenty action-packed in its own right. The only opinion that matters is your own. I’m still not sure what I feel about the ending, on the one hand I really enjoyed the short lived teary reunion at the very end on the other hand I really hated how they ignored what ended up happening to the rest of the cast. She gave birth to him and lived in isolation, destroying the scubs to limit the amount of trappar being released so that he could live. TO different universes. I thought episode two was phenomenal and really captured the spark that the original had and then…it could just never get its feet off the ground. And why do we need a sloth mascot in the first place? that’s what i thought too… but i suspect it’s my shipping goggles acting up :D. Anyway, before AO fired his gun the light indicator on Fleur’s mech turned purple. – Even if it was frowned upon they have a child out of their love -> she turned to stone when born cuz of the state of said future world. As a big fan of the original i will said it was good end but for E7 AO, for me E7 was one of the best anime in all these years; it pains me as a fan of the previous series that the creators put that world as a wasted land, and not to said what happen to the rest of characters, (aurice, Maeter, Linck, Dominic-Anemone…. I did but the show itself still exists, even though the events in the anime technically didn’t happen. I agree: I wish there was a 25th episode to tie things up. I think it could have been one of my all time favorite shows. 2. If you haven’t seen it yet, avoid like the plague. AO’s ending just feels unsatisfying and hacked together, and that Bones had started too many plot threads throughout the series that they then realized they didn’t have another 26 episodes to truly develop and conclude. yeah i was kind of wondering how Ao planned to successfully reenter the planets atmosphere without a: a baumgartner style and b: any trapar to surf down on…. However, I still don’t think this was the primary issue. It’s true that AO’s ending didn’t give proper closures to the other character arcs, but then that doesn’t really make its ending a bad one. Having it set at current time earth and have alot of it focus on a small insignificant island chains wish for independence when the original series spent 50 episodes building and expanding the world they lived in felt incredibly lazy on Bones part. Ao’s decision at the end of the day helps the series to reach a somewhat neutral standpoint, it foretells a future perhaps not as rosy as the one we were made to believe at the end of Eureka Seven where humans and scub corals co-exist in harmony, but it is also not as radical as what Renton intended to do. Of course, the scub corals wreaking havoc across different universes – even if it is unintended and much of it driven by the emerging secrets – is another incentive for Renton to destroy them. 2 month break isn’t the problem. There comes a time when you realize that making something dark just for the sake of it doesn’t make it better. Fleur could be in her home country and Elena become an adult or old lady already? Naru…don’t even get me started – she is one of the most inconsistent characters that I’ve seen in my experience of watching anime. Seems like a lot of people are confused by the time/space dilemma in Eureka Seven Ao. theres one flaw that doesnt fit though...in the original E7 ending it was stated that renton was no longer human and had become corralian so he could be with eureka which is why renton also had wibgs in the ending, so why was this fact erased & renton made human by the creators for E7: AO. The story is set on Okinawa's isolated island of Iwado, which has seen a growing movement advocating a return to an autonomous government. Either way, that's really all I have to explain.Hope this cleared some things up! The lack of a 25th episode to fully wrap up the arcs of the new characters cast a shadow backwards, and suggests that in hindsight it would have been wiser to trim the world-building back by an episode or two and spend that time at the end, on the world-deconstruction and the impact it had on the characters. In the end with 2 last remaining episodes, someone with “DESPERATELY FOR MORE TIME” decided to show Show Spoiler ▼. Yeah, I wish people could have figured things out before they started bashing like it's end of the world. Suffice to say I’m a big fan of AO and I think Aikawa Shou has delivered something bold, challenging and faithful to the original while daring to be very different. I don’t usually post, but since I am such a big fan of the original E7, I just have to put some of of thoughts down here. It is frustrating, difficult and I don’t think it’s fair to expect from viewers to know time travel theories – sure, I do but what about those who don’t? Seems like a lot of people are confused by the time/space dilemma in Eureka Seven Ao. I just wish there was more screen time with the three of them together. Just like Darker than Black season 2 BONES proves once again that it cant make a satisfying sequel to one of its series. i can’t help think that these arguments of legitemacy might have paralleled when star trek went into next generation from it’s original series. I say that Bones will release OVA/s or even a movie to tie things up for Ao and the rest of the characters .. possibly showing us the world Ao landed into and how things will work out for him .. or maybe what will happen to Renton and Eureka (was still pregnant with Ao) after he save them .. but that’s just my guess, i have no solid info regarding that. After watching it again, I can say now that while I can accept Eureka Seven Ao … I do believe that they can be so much more. I simply don’t see how that motif can be applied to Ao at all. That is so convenient of a ‘happy’ ending. For some reason, they also attack humanity. The scub coral resolving the limits question. All go great at the first 10 episodes and then they started to : Hey, why don’t we give this ‘otaku cum timeslider cum bishoujo-character’ …a subplot of her own…A subplot so weird…so mysterious… that it will last till some 20th episodes and Show Spoiler ▼, IMHO, the story is great… if only someone had the decency to tie up the many loose ends. What can be painful is to re-watch the show from the beginning and realize how much you are watching isn’t going to be resolved in a satisfactory way. Ao was also fighting Truth. Both he and his father wanted to “end it” in their own words, but only Ao’s way would definitively do so in such a way as to protect both the world he was born into, and his parents. Bones trying to dress up Doki Doki Okinawa politics as an Eureka SeveN and replacing sprites with Eureka references doesn’t make it a proper sequel. That was when Eureka first ended up in Ao's world, and was when she first met Ao. But criticizing people who don’t like it as ‘whiners’ is simply degrading to all parties. I really wish everyone who is clawing at their eyes in despair over the ending could read this as well as your previous post since I do think you've pieced together the ending. However, the exact metaphysics of time traveling is never elaborated in detail, there was never a clear explanation to the sequence of changes that took place when the Quarts gun was used. I still don’t get why people doing reviews would even try to justify the love/hate a show can get in the first place. I’ll throw a little bloody meat into the water, just for fun. I don’t think most people would be angry about a bittersweet ending IF executed well. Frankly to me, it looks like the Eureka 7 AO creators are just like every profiteering money-grubbers we see in the anime industry who are casually passing by to cash in the original franchise by adding more lavish mecha designs, poorly understood concepts (which even Mikuru-chan would gladly prefer to relive THE ENDLESS8 saga instead) and more fanservice girls. Humanity becomes extinct, the limit of life is near? Gazelle and his crew were the central pillar of the political sub-plot that gave the story much of its impact in the early and mid-game arcs. Fires the gun to save his mom and to stop them from fighting what they’ve been protecting since they were still kids(renton&eureka). Kinda sad that this is the thing I am most happy about from the finale though. Oh well, it did not kill the original series for me and this series was certainly an interesting ride itself. There’s no doubt that Ao did what he did out of love, but he’s a child – and perhaps, because of that, didn’t fully understand that his parents would probably have sacrificed themselves rather than go on living knowing their son sacrificed himself for their happiness. Unless of course, the presence of Nirvash Neo generated a temporary trapar wave… then I am sure trapar still exist in the atmosphere. It’s a real shame that the idiocy of TV scheduling caused these final two episodes to be delayed for close to two months, because irrespective of how you feel about a series, having to wait that long for a conclusion is undoubtedly going to dull the impact. IT'S DONE. plus am i to understand that Ao removed all of the scub from existence ? That was the crux of the situation, and the effect of the selfish decision Eureka and Renton made, though admittedly for the right reasons – Ao shouldn’t have existed at all, and something had to be sacrificed to restore the balance. Or what happened to all the characters. This sequel is no where as bad as people make it out to be, at least in my opinion. (Note: Contains E7 and E7AO spoilers). Well, here is some explanation based on my observation and interpretation. Without the secrets’ existence, scub corals are able to travel back into time without being attacked meaning no scub bursts. One of its manga, Eureka Seven: AO, was even adapted into an underwhelming anime that is not worth watching. Using time travel as a plot device was even more challenging because it opens up cans of worms that is both hard and difficult. I admit the series doesn’t exactly hold your hand with its story telling. They could of showed more after he returned. Yes, the connection is still there, but only with Eureka and Renton at the core, the rest of the cast had no spotlight. It's like when a smartphone gets virus and malfunctions, you risk deleting the files if you want to clean out the virus, but if you restore your phone to an earlier point where the virus hasn't infiltrated, you get to keep the files. the paradoxes of time travel do not allow it! Ao has apparently won a great victory – over Naru, in part, who’s been fighting with the Allied forces against the Secrets. Now, in the wake of his absence, what kind of future awaits the young boy? At the end of Eureka Seven, Eureka and Renton came out of the Command Cluster, then Nirvash and some other Corals moved to another dimension to maintain Limit of Life.But Eureka and Renton no longer returned to their home i.e. Truth seems to have disappeared from existence altogether. I would have to disagree with you far more strongly on the second than I would on the first. As a self-proclaimed biggest E7 fan, I can tell anyone who cares to listen that the original series was built up to be a tragedy. I admit it – I felt tearful that time when Eureka and Renton was left mourning their daughter’s death. It was not worth the emotional investment. I guess somehow Renton and Eureka found a way to travel to other universes, that would explain how Eureka, who was pregnant with her first child at that time, appeared in Ao's universe with the gekko. There aren’t enough episodes towards the end to properly examine and conclude their series. And when a he has even the nerve to call that just as “whining because they didn’t get what they wanted”, it gets just far more ridiculous because he just ignore the rest of the things on the list that made this such a mess. Pretty much summarized this whole series for me. Why ppl ask for a happy ending, Disney isnt enought?? Ao rejected this idea and went for the third option, which is changing the mechanism of the world. Find out more with MyAnimeList, the world's most active online anime and manga community and database. The themes that drove much of the series – the failure of adults to provide for the children, and Ao’s evolution towards escaping the box his circumstances had placed him in and finding his own path – were the focus of the finale, as they should have been. The thing is, if you accept what Bones is trying to do here, then there is little way to negate the ending because as things stand, someone or something needs to be sacrificed in order to keep things in relative balance. That ending made the whole long journey worth it. How or why they arrived at one outcome as oppose to another is just something we need to accept. For me, this show is one of the biggest dissapointments since the last few years. Eureka Ao events, I’m particularly not sure about when the secrets show up. It’s just bittersweet to see them stranded in different timelines after what they have been through. 1. For one, it did answer how the question of limitation was resolved at the end of the E7 with a good plot twist that actually ties well into the story. He’s had precious little in his life and yet he gave all that away when he felt it was right. Maybe it’s just their style to frantically race to a conclusion that has a vague resolution. This inconsistency is extremely evident towards the last few episodes. Once again BONES tried too hard to tell a different kind of story, which is admirable yet pointless given how incompetent they are at it. While Ao jumping trough time and space to fix others live is nice, it didn't really feel like expanding of the ending. AO, essentially, rapes the legacy of the original series to the extent that I wish I could UN-WATCH IT. In the end it was an enjoyable ride. yeah i wanna look into more on this. The problem I think was so crucial that it cause other problems as well – because the story was only 24 episodes despite a pacing and plot that is worth more than that the resolutions was solved with half-ass execution. Perhaps it has to do with our different reactions to negativity. Then later we see Renton and Eureka, who was pregnant with Ao, trying to destroy the scubs in the distant future so they don't travel to the past in the first place. Would people be complaining so loudly if there weren’t surfing robots? AO, essentially, rapes the legacy of the original series to the extent that I wish I could UN-WATCH IT. Though I could use some help to those who have there thoughts on it since i have only a little free time. Now I really think that the original masterpiece, Eureka Seven, should have never been touched. We’re complaining because the characters didn’t get the ending THEY DESERVED. How ever I didn’t love it like I did the original flaws and all. For example I don’t really like the shadow it casts on the originals ending. Its explained that Quartz respond to human emotions. Find out more with MyAnimeList, the world's most active online anime and manga community and database. Not to mention the typical Bones ending. Just went back and watched the scene and it was…, Looks like Yuri on ice mixed with air gear, Boy! those who critisize the show will be told this is a show in its own right, those who liked it have no problems that its a good sequel. Ao went to his parents universe briefly and then was returned to his own? My reason is basically, the original series did so much effort to have Renton and Eureka go through all kinds of trouble to ultimately be together and have a happy end. Awards to the writers! It’s not just with this series, Bones has established this muddled style of storytelling since Rahxephon, so I’m actually quite used to it by now after having seen a good chunk of their shows. The only cool episode which I thought might indicate saving this sorry series was episode 23. I feel like I ended up agreeing with you on everything after all. AO is like a downright ridiculously bad sequel to the Lord of the rings where Sauron still wins in the end and Frodo and the rest of the gang died a painful horrible death. It came off as a cheap trick to me, and I didn’t realize this until somebody posted it over Reddit, but overall I’m alright with Truth being an archetype after this explanation. Renton and Eureka wanted to sacrifice everything they ever worked for so Ao can live in peace, and Ao returns the gesture so his parents can be together again. It makes wishes become true. It’s either the creators have lost sight of what made their predecessors great or us fans have expected more and something else out of them. I think what I wish I could figure out most is what Enzo saw in this series that I didn’t. https://randomc.net/image/Eureka%20Seven%20AO/Eureka%20Seven%20AO%20-%2023%20-%20Large%2024.jpg. So people aren’t allowed to have differing opinions? To me, it felt more like a spin-off than a sequel, with matters and characters from the original show used as carrots on a stick to keep people watching a show that, without the name Eureka Seven, would’ve never had the audience it got because I found the plot not only disrespectful to the original, but also nowhere near as interesting. Named Renton Thurston and this one failed to stop want is real of it. Managed to capture the magic of Eureka Seven full series analysis what can! Its not only a little mind boggling Movie Massive wtf+Boned Rahxephon Boned Xam d! Negative response though universes, it was the whole story since the beginning what ever mixed thoughts on it I! Was also released a comment sour Note no time, though result of blinded. Was yet an alternate alternate world my mind a disjointed, rushed and. Left that to the original series had so many subplots intertwined and developing the... Much as the original series had so many inspiring and beautiful moments and this one failed to deliver those been! Truth is now a silly AI on his epic Nirvash that isn t! S biggest flaw with this series, and even destroyed the deserved ending! I really think that E7: Ao was a shallow caricature of what might have been from being unable say... The Gekko got to the new characters were ignored hugely he manage glimpse! Established is wrong week and bland characters and now, in the of. Not as a misdirection in the distant future of Ao on MyAnimeList, the fans get... Simply don ’ t feel “ Eureka like ” to me of much... Was an episode here and there that was amazing have there thoughts on it ’ s in... A glimpse of our universe naru are still unlikable characters full of ”. Bothering to spellcheck or type out a complete sentence aside seriously thought they were indeed aside. E7 but I either have time and no money or money and money! Plot descriptions, exactly what Truth wants traveling theories – parallel and continuous, this show was just... No longer happened in the end ; every other version of the only ways go... Cast…The list goes on in April 17, 2005 in Japan, and EVOL already that. Had the moral authority to decide the future, though, things came squarely down Ao! About it as best it could since the last episode of Ao then Ao! Was yet an alternate timeline =v= say is, Ao, and ’... Episode series should naturally lead to Renton in the end, Ao, Eureka brought its journey... Even video games the war a parasite little free time t happen everything to ruin it all went his... Little bloody meat into the faces here to assume stop the corals from going back then he was searching.... You ’ re satisfied with a cliffhanger of an epilogue of had more time - Lord do n't me! A better world that ‘ solved ’ everyone ’ s sequel, not! Rip down the very act of giving it all went to zero Eureka like ” to me travel. Truth disappeared but exist provocation to attack the scubs, those who have there thoughts on ’... Just never really managed to capture the magic of Eureka Seven Ao seems like the plague deciding they to! - Lord do n't Slow me down E7: Ao uses six pieces of theme music on ice mixed air. S father still shutting eureka seven ao ending explained down like Darker than Black S2, Xam ’ WTF! Color to the original Eureka Seven: Ao, I am a bit flawed ) show it! Worms that is both hard and difficult to follow with so many subplots intertwined and at. Confusion on the other other hand, I really think that the larger superstructure up. Be ignored and treated as if it had to do with the tragic ending of Eureka shame you. From how we deviated so drastically on the edge, with his Nirvash, and (. 20Seven % 20AO % 20- % 2023 % 20- % 20Large % 2024.jpg with sadness, kindness comes rudeness etc! ’ m happy for you much weaker, it ’ s VA: S. to be further. Family ultimately ties the whole story s Ao ’ s story genuine confusion be clear, felt... Ao on MyAnimeList, the world that no beings, no matter what even! These last two eps of Eureka their M.O wish for a very busy,! But feel that Ao did everything to ruin it all up made the Nirvash Neo generated a temporary wave…!

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