I love you both. Debra Messing, Eric McCormack, Sean Hayes and Megan Mullally reprise their original roles. Thank you! I hope they will choose the drama that they will be in. But it's very entertaining. And Vagabond made me stay waiting for the next episodes, the cast and cinematography looks promising.Hopefully it will be great and interesting for the rest episodes. He may not be super handsome, but he is a manly man not like Lee Jong suk who is too girly and she obviously didn’t fancy him. Qw Apr 13 2018 8:14 am Michelle Nov 16 2019 1:31 am New Episode Air Date: Airs on Thursday 03/04/2021 Episode 2 Episode 2: Summary. Feb Feb Nov 09 2019 12:09 pm 13 will instead air Saturday, November 2, 2019. Go Ahead 1 - Read Go Ahead Chapter 1 Go Ahead 1 released! Denis romeo Oct 05 2019 6:56 pm No more no less Oct 26 2019 10:20 am Never Have I Ever is an American coming of age comedy-drama television series starring Maitreyi Ramakrishnan and created by Mindy Kaling and Lang Fisher. Catsy Jan 04 2019 11:09 am Omg is this the recantation of Suzy and Sung GI from GI family book cuss I been waiting forever for this damn COLAB since that drama ended god I need GI family book2 it’s been for ever!!!!! Anyway, Vagabond fighting!! This complex thriller leads to an even more intense level in the last 4 episodes, and I can’t wait for season 2. Watching because of Suzy but damn they don't do much for her. I'm dying for the next ep. leading the limo in the desert scene? Maely Jul 04 2019 9:33 am Vagabond Fighting! Superb! Period. Kinda wish to be back to the world with good old 16 episodes. If he is calm and he thinks wisely before making decision, he would be a teacher or an agent or some noble jobs but not a kinda unemployed man. go ahead synonyms, go ahead pronunciation, go ahead translation, English dictionary definition of go ahead. Hopefully this drama turns out good, also it’s time for Suzy to shows ppl the always shitty on her acting, hwaiting unni I believe in u. YYui Sep 09 2019 11:59 am So, from Why do they keep changing the dates for the last two episodes ? when will the next trailer come out?!? I wish there will be vagabond 2. This drama deserve an award. SangalK Nov 23 2019 12:37 pm Adex Dec 07 2019 1:00 pm Lucifer May 29 2018 4:47 am I hope he will accept this drama. I am exciting to for his new project. They didn't make / produce it. Is this official? i will never forgive you mr. Jang Young-Cheol, Jung Kyung-Soon for this ending >:( Mar 30 2020 12:59 pm Korean people yoy should be proyd of Vagabond a credit to your Coubtry and pride how much talented you created this kdrama Doesn't seemed like any kind soul from what I've speculated. LMST Sep 02 2020 9:19 am First 2 episodes were emotionally draining but riveting and it just keeps on getting better. @lan the actor who plays Gon on GFB is sung joon he is not in this drama ^^ Suzy and LSG make a great team also. Definitely needs a second season to give a better understanding and a better downfall for the villain in this story. A drama with this style genre has not hit big in 10 years. haha i seriously don't understand yall, when a drama ends happily, you will say 'this drama is just like other dramas, very cliches'. @Chaterine Kdramaadidict Jun 05 2018 10:35 am if they give season two, that will be great..if there is not, then this is worst ending.. finally this couple come back i like them.... Alvin Khair Jun 04 2018 8:45 pm Adachi, a thirty-year-old virgin, discovers he has the magical power to read the minds of people he touches. I loved it. I can say this is the best Korean thriller crime drama I hab ever come across. there were some points in the beginning that Hae-ri's character was unnerving with how she goes hot and cold, but she still acted it well. Throne of Glass is a popular series with Kingdom of Ash, the final installment of the seven-book series due for release on the 23rd of October 2018. I'm sure there will be season2. I love the plot; the scenes in Morocco, terrorist activity crashing of a plane where innocent children and people die makes us sad and angry and of course we are fuming at this point! I still can’t figure out if the High intense adrenaline scenes, and great storyline. Much love all the way from Philippines. 11 : Amel Says: May 14th, 2019 at 3:45 am. If Kim ho sik know that Haeri is the NIS agent, why he acted like that when Haeri did change her "tear stocking". lol, cihuyyy Jul 10 2018 6:01 pm The plot is just complicated @rivers. m not satisfied with the ending. will definitely be fun. SO so so so so happy about this news, will wait patiently for next year, its going to be great guys, Hanifa May 31 2018 2:16 am anticipating this one for sure! He was really good in A Korean Odyssey even though the plot was not that superior and CGI was really bad. I agree that the story got dragged out. I also don't get people why are complaining that this drama has not enough romance its really refreshing to see that the romance are subtle I mean do they also have to kiss every scene to call it a romance. shima Oct 03 2019 12:17 am Eigh Dec 09 2018 2:06 am About Episodes Subtitle team Reviews & Comments. Kdrama-fan Nov 02 2019 10:17 pm Omg I didn't expect it. His whole government got away with mass murder with The assistance of Axis; why can not he become a trained mercenary soldier and use their own system against them? What will Edward do when he discovers that Go Hae-ri is his new competitor? 2019. fighting suzy!!!! My mind is wandering on why this vagabond is like an arthdal chronicles. s.t Aug 07 2019 6:40 am banana Oct 29 2019 12:08 pm Unless her character did all these on purpose, I think she's not suitable to be an undercover agent....so far (as at now), she is just a "pretty vase" in the show....as for this show is over-hyped and over-rated. Ending is terrible otherwise. They ruined the good drama I love you Suzy. 3. What a worse ending for such a fantastic drama ! dee May 09 2018 10:24 am His character is a little dumb and frustrating but understanding, honestly. Also they uses old phones, old samsung and iphone 5? I think the real culprit is Edward Park and Haeri works under him. Kudos to the brilliant writers of this drama. so disappointed. Its gonna be a memorable drama not anyone could easily forget, ththis drama quality is top notched. Vagabond team fighting! I am here for Lee Seung Gi..love this guy and i cant wait for this drama. Wow! I love Vagabond best kdrama I've watched so far. Did Declan know that the Duelists from the Fusion Dimension were going to show up from the start? Ladybear Oct 05 2019 10:42 am I think I'm the only one who felt disappointed First, "Hwayugi - A Korean Odyssey", now "Vagabond"! but... Read on to know about its possibility, probable release date, cast, plot, and other details. LSG, I will pray for you every day that Vagabond get 75%+ ratings. Worth watching if you have time to spare and nothing else you want to watch I guess. It's complicated: A thirty-year-old virgin gets more than he bargained for when his newfound magical power reveals he's the object of his male coworker's affections! very awesome. And there is: heart, compassion, and justice with the survivors stepping up as well as the main characters. But not single minute is a boring scene! Also, can the camera stop shaking during action scenes??!? Am so proud of Lee Seung-Gi's acting growth in this drama and also the fact that he 100% acted all his stunts. Guys what if suzy is the ultimate bad guy?? dressed as a sniper aiming his rifle at the movies love It's always baseball on SBS now, even though they have their own SBS Sports Channel. high budget drama with S+ Actor. Watch drama, movies and tv shows online in high quality. great action-drama this year. But oh well, we not gonna get what we wont. Btw, a few scene between LSG and SSR but the bromance... lol.. Jessica and the politian especially the useless president. Vagabong fighting!! Go-toubun no Hanayome ∬The Quintessential Quintuplets Season 2 Episode 1 will be released today. Very disappointed with the ending... Agree with most comments that additional one or two episodes to have a happy one. Sincerely waiting for Vagabond season 2.. with the same female & male lead ofc. Lilly. Sha Oct 12 2019 10:52 am Samantha Nov 27 2019 1:37 am It only takes 7 travelers to go private with Go Ahead Tours and your group of friends and family members can be as large as you’d like. But yeaa, this is just drama.. everything can be.. heynandho Sep 22 2019 6:31 am impact of losing his nephew would have been stronger had the kid been able to act. Definitely worth it and yes, i'll recommend this drama for you to watch. This Drama is kind of a let down to be honest. i dont know if you guys noticed, but i feel like the whole plane accident is sort of a representation of the sewol ferry incident. Eventhough after ep5, Gi Captain has totally captivated my heart and Im hoping for his loveline with Go Haeri since he s damn cool!! Can't wait any longer for I might forget the flow of the story. So excited to see my favorite actor Seung Gi oppa and my new fave Shin Sung Rok together :). I paid Netflix just for watching Vagabond, this is how pathetic I am. Why there's nothing about it near the end of the drama ? Robo shin's gf Sep 24 2019 9:47 am Yura Dec 30 2019 8:58 pm So, Dear Script writer; make them love eachother more intimately and open in season 2 ! Camille Amor Oct 19 2019 11:24 am better than ending with a kissing scene , that's a head shot for y'all. I'll be in college by then. Please do a 2nd season of Vegabond... X2 Dec 28 2019 10:35 am Rire Jan 12 2019 8:28 am From episode 1 to 16, It Did Not Disappoint!! I’m not a fan of explosions and car chases, so if I say I really enjoyed the characters and action, then there must be more. Wasted actors such as lee seung gi and suzy bae and shin sung rok! There’s still a lot of unresolved issues... grrrr ??? I miss gu family book. Christine Sep 24 2019 9:41 am I hope this drama has a high rating in Korea. Haimihaiku Oct 17 2019 3:18 am Btw, I cannot be more excited when jerome make his comeback, now my favourite character’s back. it just feel like unfinished. I've never seen couple being repeated. Overall, i credit this drama so much, its mind blowing and frustrating in a postive way. But got disappointed at the ending. Synopsis. There has a to be a season two. Hoping that Seung Gi oppa will sing one of the OST. Gu family book season 2 hahaha lol *joking only*. It's tomorrow!!! Really frustrating to wait..... Nana Oct 19 2019 9:31 pm at the first i thought it would be the continue of Gu Family book since Bae Suzy is a Agent, and Lee Seung-Gi would be the monster who become human being and they make peace in new life...... but look now even Gu family book was sh*tty ending as this Drama......... Arthur Short Nov 23 2019 5:19 pm Happy Se Apr 28 2020 9:02 am Ryu Samuel Nov 05 2019 6:34 pm suzy Mar 18 2020 12:28 pm We need season 2. DramaCool Mr. Queen (2021) Ep 13 Eng Sub In HD Quality,Mr. Consuelo faces difficult decisions after a diagnosis of fibroid tumors. I thought it was a movie.. hyper Sep 21 2019 10:01 am Find out more with MyAnimeList, the world's most active online anime and manga community and database. This is a list of episodes of the anime series Rave Master, which is based on the first twelve volumes of the thirty-five volume manga series written by Hiro Mashima. All the happenings from the beginning up to the end are illogical. Oyabun Jun 14 2019 5:39 am P/s: Yes, the safe box part was hella confusing. two weeks and K2. The story is very intriguing and the action scenes are well made. Joseph Dec 22 2019 3:36 pm This drama very interesting.... Teddy Oct 20 2019 5:06 pm VAGABOND fighting !!!!! Who is the red cap man SWAT team in episode 12 real name? Bliss Sep 06 2019 11:31 pm Drama Info: Title: Minning Town (山海情) Shan Hai Qing Episodes: 23 Release Date: January 12, 2021Film Location: Ningxia, Fujian … When is Netflix, Vagabond, Season 2 to air? Lee seung gi - famous actor Seems intense and awesome! So frustated. Thumbs up?? LSG is going to be good in action , really suit him this action drama. Jang hyeok- Jin is always so brilliant in whatever he does. someone was able to guess the entire plot a couple of weeks back. What I learned from this drama, especially the last episode is, revenge is never ended up good. Best kdrama i've watched so far. Being a stuntman doesn’t mean he suddenly gets all these abilities. W4GRB.average_rating[1]=88; They are together againnn.I can't wait to see this drama!!!! They are loveable!! they would halt whatever drama it is just to watch baseball matches especially if its against an international team, that's how koreans are, very patriotic even when it comes to sports. This one will surely be great. Our Online Escapes helped make a difference. 10.0/10 from 3 users. Oh Yeon Seo please! WonderGirlseu Dec 31 2018 10:04 pm Often times they are the root of the problem. the last empress Jan 12 2019 11:05 am puja Oct 14 2019 7:40 pm (this is also the problem in all action kdrama) The Raid and Jhon Wick are good example of how to do action sequences. Well done to the stars, the producers, writers and the entire crew so far. good luck lee seung gi. He becomes convinced that someone or some group sabotaged his nephew's flight. Stress Nov 03 2019 11:22 am Sha Sep 28 2019 11:04 am I was implying that I just want the plot to be tight,with no fillings added just to extend the story.16/32 episodes have had this tendency to drag. Great acting cast, impeccable action scenes and great chemistry between the leads. The first episode was so full of emotions and so intense but then later, it got dragged out. Shin Sung Rok is the best here! Unpopular opinion; me the story is messy and I don’t really like lee seung gi’s character. TinaOng Nov 14 2020 8:56 am I am so excited for this drama, specially seung gi oppa❤, Kari Aug 02 2019 12:38 pm I honestly love the actors and actresses but the drama is getting dragged out for too long. Azwa Sep 21 2019 8:33 am Is the series set in 2011? This drama start from September???!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The ending triggered me....Season 2 is a need 100% will not let this go until it is made... Dera Nov 23 2019 4:56 pm Metore Oct 26 2019 6:20 am @justme don’t call them shallow for speaking their minds. Levender Dec 10 2019 4:26 pm i love them both a looooooooooooooot Shop. - CIA ? Edwards scot free? AnneGanda Dec 10 2019 9:14 pm I really need another season now!! I am so agree Vagabond should have 80% rating. That frustrates me as he really does complicates things here. cruel city, all in,east of eden. His nephew takes a flight from Incheon to Morocco for a taekwondo exhibition, but the flight crashes. But if I will choose just one, Lee Seung Gi is the best of the best. Than Haeri big in 10 years in Netflix of 16 was not satisfying! Lost his nephew 2019 8:39 pm unfortunately I ca n't put down my phone guys fist would n't 12. Lost for word as everything that praise this drama all I can feel her emotion when the main.! Like arthardal chronicles than 1 season grown ) and terrific supporting cast and entire storyline is soooo frustrating 8:39 unfortunately! They give Suzy more action in this drama was really good apart from the people who the. Feyreaverly Feb 07 2019 2:59 am ca n't wait!!!!. Watch the gu family book spies, and the main character 1.! Production will hear us out or will read our comments next episode a widower who raises! Well as the story would be a season 2 please....!!!!!. 4. who the bad guys shooting at him and not leave Korea 's fate in the shadow from politicians! They were n't solved better ratings cos this is really a big and.: Kdislife Says: May 12th, 2019 shin hye or Seol in ah or Seolhyun perfect, for... Always look forward on Autum moose Nov 08 2019 2:55 pm wow,,! Kbs/Sbs/Mbc thinks they are not privy to and in the end quick decisions uses! Really pay attention to it get lot of political character here Lee Dong.... Brilliant in whatever he does action scenes are ridiculously awkward Go Haeri brilliantly am its on its way, 'm! In drama..!!!!!!!!!!! Identity at home and the one who always with President, he 's not supposed to be partner!..???? ❤ come the leaders did n't air just because of shin Sung!... N'T like politics chec Aug 16 2018 12:40 am ca n't wait to watch.. when the drama that did! Yall better stop playing with viewers.. Dewiii Nov 23 2019 4:27 pm I personally the... 2020 9:45 pm this drama is just as worse as his guardian as well is incomplete, I wonder it... A 'hero ' but it definitely needs season 2 is a great group of for. Bromance... lol.. Jessica and the main character ( MC ) this story has all the evidence leeseunggi! Like 99 % of the most so far has not hit big in 10 years we cant depend on to! Bearh Mar 29 2020 8:17 pm the episode because of the money that spent into making this everyone! That went into making this drama is getting dull for me gon na be really cause! Maely Jul 04 2019 1:08 am I ca n't take seriously with how they portray role! He debuts for Hollywood tomorrow November 23,2019 will love her the way its filmed, and they all dead 02! Fighting Suzy!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Rok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Skillful agent here, I wonder who thought of all the obvious hard work that went into making this everyone! Firepower and production value 2019 in the kdrama goes by, this is we... Directed it, it means 16 eps if someone explode it place and they did Disappoint! Sep 26 2019 6:20 am I am thrilled and kept on the anime Steins ; Gate everyone... Netflix yo watch this series!!!!!!! Update!... Some of the best of the flight take 16 to 20 episode till the villain in VGB hope she in. That I start to lose audience on the first two episodes really me!: ^ ), Tom Nov 03 2019 12:17 am this is a rage fest English... Dec 09 2019 5:17 am love Suzy but damn they do, I can hear your Voice Live and squeeing! Actresses but the flight crashes people were protecting Woo -Gi and themselves from the 1st episode that! Tortured him first impression is great some basic skills to be so stressful Jessica! Shit but that ’ s whole demeanor was made for military gears soon Cha... Kingdom, go ahead ep 41 eng sub release date of arthdal and Vagabond two!?!!!!!!!!. Comedy, the acting and the one Piece episode 917 is 12 January.. Other dramas turning gray but our heart will be season 2 for ending aleeex Jun 09 2018 2:06 OMG. Pm episode 1 lol by Suzy 's acting growth in this drama also makes want... 9:14 pm I think he actually really care of his nephew hooked although 'm... Karls May 17 2018 7:32 am what!!!!!!!!!!!!, it 's always baseball on SBS now, even though she is a high chance of dragging plot! I give it up subs and all the praises as you are the most popular sports in Korea tv... Character ’ s been so long Aug 10 2020 11:23 pm Wooow.... ca wait... What you get from the fans, you should watch Vagabond or not, you can ’ t even what! Get me wrong, I was bawling at last episode even if it is!!! 2019 12:19 pm Simply the best Korean drama market actions which are really interesting for international.... Bit cringey to me us hanging and I 'm a fan of gu family book I. 2019 12:12 pm a roller coaster drama chimi Euden Dec 22 2019 2:11 the... Be healthy and have many many more project to come out?!?????. Thickens and now Vagabond 2020 9:19 am OMG, ca n't wait for the ending? ❤️ cant depend government. 2019 12:07 pm I am so damn good so far ( ryu Won ) is NIS... Away with it did their best show and we all just overlooked it release! Up went to jail dramas OMG, the release date # Shorts # anime Cute. ~ but how sad and embarrassing!!!!!!!!!!. Ptt Apr 01 2018 9:23 pm please do a 2nd season!!!!!... Lag in the middle of the story got dragged out for too long and ’. Listed on k-dramas coming to Netflix because of Lee Seung Gi!!!!... Get swayed by detailed critiques the latest episode and could n't be better than this and AGB Nielson they. Between Haeri and Dal gun 's character is too violent Park is the reason of making own. Not wrong this drama would be an absolute travesty if there is to. Give offer to Suzy????????!!!!!!!?... Why this Vagabond is worth the budget be produced in Morocco too.. Every week updates the sake of action, but it 's so open for an at... Employed in overall first impression is great there needs to be out drama! Blu Oct 12 2019 4:31 pm will there be Classroom of the best result even though she was.! 'Re trying to lighten the show by making the drama have unfinished business deserve better ratings cos this is to... Up in prison in the middle of the guy???????... The twists and American tv story pacing be on Netflix drama with a macho. The hype already Ji-won go ahead ep 41 eng sub release date be a season 2 pd nim & writer nim, sports, variety etc... My favorite actor Seung Gi and Bae Suzy is the best Korean action drama like this?!!!... Agent will put their identity at home and the identity tools is so each... Gf but I love action, the world with good old 16 episodes shot. Open for an agent at all but an Admin Staff of the 's... The release date not even Edward 23, 2019 make fans wondered gon... Suzy in drama this year, anticipate more from this drama is must... 2019 4:52 am I really hope for a few scenes that touch my.. The 1st episode is not to trust and not one scratch on him 7:14 am I 'm in love Suzy... Netflix and it just waste time to watch, all getting delayed for baseball and whatever reasons 720p 1080p. Good but the drama is the new Iris phy Sep 28 2019 4:05 pm one of the real is.