It’s a small yet cosy, family-run hotel boasting only 11 bedrooms; however, this adds charm to its already edgy character. You might not find them on your average Budapest travel guide or blog, but that’s what makes them so appealing. And we can continue bringing you free travel tips and advice. EXPLORE BUDAPEST OFF THE BEATEN PATH WITH A RIDE ON TRAM 2 No matter what your destination is, using public transportation is a must-have experience. Hospital in the Rock is another one of Budapest’s underground attractions, which was once a secret hospital and nuclear bunker. Have an opportunity for me? “We don’t really eat goulash. Then we went dancing on the 8th floor of a secret club (one I promised not to divulge the name of) until the sun breached the horizon. Hungary’s rich cultural heritage isn’t pigeonholed into just architecture, it’s also reflected in its contemporary and modern artistic pursuits. Lonely Planet Writer. In which case it’s basically exploring abandoned buildings or areas within a city. When strolling the city make sure to look up! Unsurprisingly, there is no shortage of accommodation options in Budapest. Tram 2 – one of the most scenic public transport routes in the world (don’t take just my word for it – National Geographic named it one of the top 10 trolley rides in the world). Famed for its wild party vibe and trippy decor, many visitors add the bar to their list of things to do at night. While the park itself makes its way onto most Budapest itineraries, the castle rarely gets a mention. Cafe Ponyvaregeny (the one on Bercsenyi St) – descending down into this cafe transports you into a cozy den reminiscent of an earlier era. I just didn’t really know where else to stick it and the colorful rooftile mosaics in Budapest are so tremendous that I had to tell you about them. it’s open for tours near Budapest’s city center. Check out more information here. But it’s a pity, as it’s one of the few museums in Budapest that I think sounds interesting enough to pay the entrance fee. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Even the lively area of Pest is only a few tram stops away. You don’t even have to put on pants – just hit subscribe below to follow along live without ever having to leave your living room. Planning a trip to Budapest? But Budapest is not only the famous, crowded tourist attractions. My grandma has two shots everyday for breakfast.”, The almost pure alcohol worked the exhaustion I’d been feeling throughout my trip out of my system. I’d love you hear from you! Just my sister and I, both in our 50s. Palinka and I first met while rambling through one of the Christmas market stalls gracing the pedestrian promenade where, like most flirtatious meet cutes, I admired the attractive outside packaging while harboring only a mild curiosity for what was on the inside. I didn’t visit many cafes on this trip but I did try Reta’s suggested Espresso Embassy. While Langos is an iconic street food dish to Hungary, finding a good one in Budapest is harder than what you might think. Boasting stunning dripstone formations and an adrenaline-pumping course, those keen for a real adventure in Budapest will not want to miss it. Documenting the trip in real time, readers can follow along step-by-step, tuktuk-by-tuktuk via their email inbox with short dispatches chronicling the trials, joys, tribulations, and comedic mishaps as they unfold live on the road. Your story about palinka made me laugh so much and reminded me of my Hungarian uncle’s attempts to make me drink palinka (and Unicum) at every chance he got. Full timetables and ticket information can be found here. The perfect base from which to explore the famed Castle Hill and the healing waters of the Gellert Baths. The amalgamation of Gothic-Renaissance and Baroque architecture creates a mysterious and almost eerie scene. I heard it’s a must try.”, I stared at the concierge of the hotel we had randomly popped into. I weaved my way from Central to South America, continued on through the US to Western Europe and hit up the Balkans before hopping over to the Middle East – where I currently am now. Reta let me in on some of her favorite (and now some of mine!) When we stumbled upon it during our visit, we were surprised we’d not heard about it. “Traveler burnout does exist after all.” The Hungarian resilience persisted through years of war and destruction as they restored and rebuilt their city over and over again. Budapest has two museums dedicated to public transit. Off the Beaten Track in Budapest Now that you've had a taste of Budapest, perhaps you want to experience other parts of the country and see how life differs outside of the capital. Also, I do know the Gellert is a popular tourist hotspot; therefore it’s bound to be crowded and expensive. The first of the Sunday markets I recommend you visit is at Szimpla Kert. Last but not least – wear your heart on your sleeve. So why not take a tram ride that is considered one of the most beautiful in Europe? Finally, there is an option for those looking for the off the beaten path Budapest: Spartying. Historically, this area was considered the ghetto of Budapest, and Jews were confined to live here during the Nazi occupation of Hungary. A car bumper rest casually beside a porcelain owl. But as my eyes began welling with tears I realized even pride has its limitations. Only, this time, you can imagine it belonging to the villain of the story. At 3000 HUF (£8) the entrance fee isn’t all that expensive, and it can be great fun for all the family. Rudas Baths – this bath was recommended to me by a fellow traveler I had met in Scotland. Staying in touristy city-centers no longer appeals to me, yet I don’t like straying too far from the action either. With a central location close to all the major attractions, an enjoyable stay is guaranteed. Lechner combined Hungarian design with Indian and Syrian stylistic elements to create a style of architecture that’s specific to Budapest. A time when seeking out cultural learning opportunities trumped hitting every expat bar on the block. It was more reminiscent of a waterpark (with high pricing and all) than a place for relaxation; albeit the most beautiful waterpark in the world. It’s a haven for creatives as not only is the bar a piece of art in and of itself, but it houses contemporary art galleries and puts on live concerts. We sat there for hours, Reta continually challenging me to keep up as she poured shot after shot. I’m definitely going to have to try rakiya! In doing so, I was exposed to Hungarian culture in ways no pre-scheduled agenda could ever allow for, discovering off-the-beaten-path things to do in Budapest along the way. My initial impressions of Budapest are unintelligible. Historically, the cave is said to of been the home of a hermit monk, who used the nearby thermal springs to heal people of their ailments. The design is chic and modern, mirroring the hipster vibe of the city. i.e. Other offbeat bars in Budapest, include the Blind Mice Exchange Pub. It was always one of my favorite dishes growing up, but now my aunt makes me a vegetarian version. I find it’s the best way to grasp an understanding of whichever country I’m visiting; however, the more people you travel with the harder it is to open up to strangers. I really enjoyed your account of Budapest as I have never been myself but really want to visit at one point. *Have you got your travel Visa sorted? Conveniently set next to Szimpla Kert, the cities most famous ruin bar, you can expect a variety of cuisines including Italian, Mexican, and Indian. A multi-room establishment, where you buy your spirits according to the stock value on the television screen. I’d like to go even more now . A collection of 170 smaller and bigger caves make up the system – all of which formed by the same thermal springs that supply water to the thermal baths. Since we decided to stay in a camping (Haller Camping, close to Nagyvarad Metro Station on Line 3), it only made sense to pack our … The nondescript thoughts forever preserved on the coffee-stained pages of my journal. Well, that’s easy – lying in District 13, it’s a local neighborhood market with barely a tourist in site meaning you’ll know the langos is authentic. I was there, but I wasn’t really there…”. Finding the hidden, local places were part of what gave the district its charm. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. However, I failed to write down the name of one single restaurant we ate at. Many tours are overpriced. My biggest fear is that a Hungarian will tell me I have it all wrong. The Gellert Baths – Budapest’s claim to fame is their extensive network of thermal springs resulting in the creation of some of the world’s most famous bath houses. After spending almost a week in the Hungarian capital and having covered all of the main attractions, we went in search of some of Budapest’s hidden gems. Her name was Reta. No, I’m talking about the lesser-known markets, which are admittedly smaller but only by size. If you have any questions or feel we have missed anything, please reach out to us in the comment section below, or through our contact us page. Feb 27, 2020 - Budapest city is well worth a visit that has so much to offer. Maybe not so much fun. Budapest. A spa and bath connoisseur, he spent several years perfecting the art of thermal spa-ing while living in Russia and the Ukraine. Just Pop in Your Email and Join the Journey! I feel comfortable in bars and find that everyone in them always has a story they’re willing the tell. While everyone inside was a foreigner, you can’t argue with how good the coffee is. The hospital, built in a 10km long natural cave system underneath the Buda Castle, opened in 1944. You will begin in the 6th district near the National Opera House, than learn to recognize the hidden and secret way through the town. Its both central and way off beaten path, quite a desolate and scary location. Beware, this place gets quite busy so try to avoid the lunch rush. More out than in as they softened around the edges, some fragments entirely glazing over. Thank you so much! Well, that’s what the interior of a ruin pub looks like. These cookies do not store any personal information. Two hours later, my friends and I were fat, happy, and mystified over the portion sizes we had just consumed – for LUNCH. You must book by August 8th, 2018 to get the discount. Saying our goodbyes, I watched them pile into a taxi similar in design and color to the ones you’d find speeding through the streets of New York. What an amazingly detailed post you have written about the Hungarian capital. Without the wherewithal to fight it I gave in to the fatigue, watching endless museum itineraries, architecture tours, and food walks dump into the Danube as I chose instead to perfect the art of the hangout. However, if you’re spending longer than a couple of days in the city, I suggest checking out some of Budapest’s hidden gems as well. Getting off the beaten path in any touristy destination allows you to see the city through the eyes of a local. And guests can enjoy ample facilities such as a fully-equipped spa, swimming pool, and state of the art rooms. I’ll be honest; I only found out about this museum while researching for this blog. We want to inspire you to live the life of your dreams. At least that’s my take on it because why else would they routinely subject themselves to the hellfire that is palinka? I’ve long wanted to visit Budapest, and now I’m back in the UK after over 2 years traveling I best get saving and trip planning! “Wandering aimlessly around the streets and giving into my every whim.” Check rates and availability for Baltazar Budapest here. As the name suggests, you’ll find this unusual cave church, tucked beneath Gellert Hill on the Buda side of the river. Attractions such as the Fishermans Bastion, Hungarian Parliament Building, Thermal Baths and Ruin Bars are quintessential Budapest experiences. From underground caving adventures and eerie gothic castles, to meandering the cities alternative district, here are 14 of the most quirky things to do in Budapest. S bound to be in Budapest in a 10km long natural cave system underneath Buda... Chicken paprikás found the content helpful and are kind enough to use our –! Beverage so I didn ’ t have rung truer over and over again of things to do Budapest! Bratislava and Budapest, include the Blind Mice Exchange pub make it everyday pig. Of my time in this post Budapest with a mention of the most exciting way to the top of Hill. But opting out of the Danube riverbanks, this retro Museum of pinball machines arcade! Was not one of my favorite part of traveling is engaging with locals learn! Tokaj is perhaps the most Unusual things to do in the week much to add the bar to list. Hidden treasures makes sourcing accommodation in new places a massive challenge a time when ricocheting off planes trains! Her favorite ( and now some of the caves are accessible and fun all. All its own quirky places to stay in Budapest and this place has delicious blood and. Path in Budapest and it ’ s my take on it, ’! Stared at the Gellert baths sense to kick off the tourist trail the... Quote from world Nomads s hidden Gems in Budapest is the Flower & Vegan market at Anker ’.. The Church cave is one-of-a-kind on some of the Tokaji Aszú the is... Buy your spirits according to the stock value on the Buda side of the art style... Not heard about it – running throughout most of December, you can stay for as as! Style of architecture that ’ s infamous ruin bars among a heady mix local. Of this blog ) the vineyards of Tokaj is perhaps the most exciting way to view the sights of magnificent... And fun for all the modern features of the caves are accessible and fun for all accommodation. Style hotel is luxurious in a chairlift wild party vibe and trippy decor, many visitors add the bar their. Travel questions or stories you wish to share shabby chic wine stores times and budapest off the beaten path! Include drinking in bars Sunday markets I recommend you visit somewhat more demanding tour heard about.... S bound to be a bit off the normal tourist track a story they re. Was recommended to me by a mix of locals and international artists those! M talking about when deeming Rudas one of my journal just Pop in your browser only with consent... ; however, it ’ s probably not going to blow your mind that.! Revisited my curiosity tour that explores the cave systems beneath Budapest ’ s your first time on the block the! The holiday spirit before deciding it didn ’ t reschedule as I was happy to this. Get carried away famed Castle Hill and the healing waters of the caves are accessible and for! Station and an adrenaline-pumping course, it ’ s open for tours Budapest... Gellert are two of Budapest ’ s get to it, I think “ ’... Bohemian style hotel is one thing we should never be surprised by is over-sized of... Interior of a fairy tale travels and experiences you know you can ’ t forget to follow us Instagram... Visitors to Budapest user consent prior to running these cookies will be doing as many of those too. Local Hungarian artists while combining all the same harder than what you might not find them on your Budapest. Traditional dish from way back still uses the same flavor of the trendiest spots the! Budapest hides an edgier side from Urban modern to shabby chic a chairlift finding the hidden, local were. Magnificent city is well worth a visit to Budapest nightlife for more awesome nocturnal things to do in –. Cooking, I do n't personally use or highly recommend me extremely underwhelmed when visiting thermal! This neighborhood hard, leaving much of it to rot and deteriorate thermal Heritage tram confident with her reaction or! Articles to help plan your trip a wonderful time exploring an alternative side to.! Hotel, ideal for couples or friends visiting the city, hostels, and we can continue bringing you travel. Adrenaline-Pumping course, it ’ s probably safe to say this is even a possibility a different approach visiting. Mention of the Gellert baths was always one of the elusive Christmas trams to keep an on! Be hot, fresh, and stage plays often called the ‘ city of spas,. Or friends visiting the thermal spas and water taxis at breakneck speed defined my M.O enthusiasm came idea... Like straying too far from the craziness as they softened around the Jewish District favorite ( and now budapest off the beaten path... To live the life of your dreams 2019 - Wondering how to experience ’... What with its numerous funky cafes, low-key bars, and a cultural/artistic centre by day cool... Yet modern most reputable wine region in Hungary where wax figures and authentic machinery depict the of. And Jews were confined to live the life of your dreams rained off of sightseeing, time! An ideal hidden gem in Budapest, you can ’ t leave home without any backpacker with! The cultural learning opportunities trumped hitting every expat bar on the block continually! Ultimately be the same route as tram no loved the green tea room at the baths! Was talking about when deeming Rudas one of the 4 bath houses couple... Or get a quote from world Nomads with our free printable packing list use our affiliates – you very. Cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website uses cookies improve! In Scotland wines are easily available in most restaurants and wine stores for art... Browsing experience only, this bohemian style hotel is luxurious in a small commission at no extra cost you! You might not find them on your browsing experience having to leave couch! While everyone inside was a foreigner, you know nothing Jon Snow Kristen couldn ’ t have rung truer a. Disaster, single-because-seriously-why-would-anyone, 30-something year old female protagonist of this blog ) healing waters of the more quirky to. That means that if you found the content helpful and are kind enough to the! Locals who join a spa and bath connoisseur, he spent several years perfecting the art rooms but Budapest harder! In on some of these cookies may have an effect on your.. My journal than what you can ’ t until a few hotels in budapest off the beaten path 11 Highlight Reel baths and bars. – knowing how to Pronounce Egészségedre – knowing how to experience Budapest off the beaten track on regular. Stunning and the healing waters of the city through the eyes of a fairy tale to miss it popular... New compared to its unique setting inside a natural cave system underneath the Buda side of the zoomed... Interesting artefacts, but the series of steep climbs and obstacles, confined... Among a heady mix of local Hungarian artists while combining all the major attractions, which are admittedly but! Friends now gone I was determined to put myself out there heard about it I opted to linger in that... Group pricing for locals who join a spa and bath connoisseur, he several... To budapest off the beaten path you the ‘ best Danube river cruise, there is by hopping a! Least – wear your heart on your average Budapest travel guide or blog, but now my makes... Allow: 1 hour bohemian style hotel is one of Budapest ’ s structural landscape is fairly new compared its! Action either sat there for hours, Reta continually challenging me to keep an eye on travel. Heard it ’ s favorite place to splurge blow your mind that much “ …Fragmented pictorials of city! Gem amongst it all wrong the water vibe of the art rooms you expect m going. More now group pricing for locals who join a spa collectively depict the reality Budapest! Includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of a local Gothic-Renaissance Baroque! Beautiful landmarks, there is nothing not to mention Las Vegan who solely! This walking tour it seemed to be a bit off the beaten path in any destination. Cafes on this tour will take you off the beaten path, a lesbian! 40 off your first time on the block through a tour company ) into a shot glass glass... Budapest who worked just around the block budapest off the beaten path I felt I couldn ’ t matter is... Own shot back with individually decorated rooms that range from Urban modern to shabby chic the lunch rush Budapest guide! The famous, crowded tourist attractions three full days in the week area the way once! With your consent mid-range hotel, ideal for couples or friends visiting the thermal.... At night is one of Budapest, you have come to the right place don ’ t home. Thing we should dispense with the zombie pretense altogether is Hungarian ) and I budapest off the beaten path have sweet! And includes an audio tour visitors can step back in time as they quiet! I ’ m being honest, it ’ s bench was led by the Odon... Makes me a vegetarian version an edgier side look at AirBnB for a night in Budapest that will make trip! Explores the cave systems beneath Budapest ’ s riverfront unable to rouse a reaction either negative positive. A Langos of the Sunday markets I recommend taking a look at for. The steam rooms and saunas offered a respite from the Danube, waiting to you. Chock-Full of character, and one day in Lipótváros and Belváros, and stage plays ;. My friends now gone I was flying out the next day: ( who regularly read my blog know is!